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Tru-Cape breaks 16 million carton sales in 2017 and hopes to consolidate this year.

According to Roelf Pienaar, managing director of Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, the largest exporter of South African apples and pears, the company last year saw a volume increase of about eight percent breaking the volume record of 16 million cartons for the first time. “Although it is still early days we are hoping to consolidate in 2018, despite the impact of the drought in the Western Cape. With new orchards coming into production we should end up with more or less what we planned for 2018. At the moment the South African Rand is extremely volatile against all major trading currencies, which could have significant impact on the values we realise during the year. Due to the adverse weather it could be that our overall fruit size is smaller than in previous years.
Challenges notwithstanding, Tru-Cape is positive that 2018 will be another profitable year.” he ends.

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Tru-Cape markets a wide range of apple and pear varietals. We constantly look at expanding our range, and have included fruit and vegetables, like cherries and potatoes, to offer greater value to our growing shareholders.