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Takeaways from Nature beats global junk-food giant

When Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing opened its doors in 2001 it was with three goals in mind: to return the maximum value to its grower share-holders; provide sufficient stock to meet all-year-round supermarket programmes and to create a brand that would earn more than the equivalent commodity price.
Today, as the largest exporter of South African apples and pears into more than 104 countries, Tru-Cape invests a per carton premium into promoting its brand. Despite its success as a major fruit industry player, it remains a dwarf compared to brands such as Coke a Cola, Nestle or Unilever. Yet, according to the The Mobile Marketing Association South Africa (MMA SA) awards that celebrated creativity, innovation and talent across mobile marketing as recognised at the SA Smarties Awards, Tru-Cape shared 12th place with pizza brand Debonairs with an 8.0 score. Banking giant ABSA Prosper also scored 8.0. Shoprite, Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing’s biggest single local-market customer, scored 50.9 and was ranked fourth in the list. Burger King, for example, only scored 4.3 and was ranked lower than Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing.



Tru-Cape’s Marketing Director Conrad Fick said that while the company was disappointed it didn’t win any awards for its acclaimed edutainment game, Fruit-Full, it was very pleased with this achievement. “Our goal has always been to punch above our weight-class”, Fick says adding: “through the help of our agencies such as BIGBrave and, previously, Red Cherry Interactive, Tru-Cape has managed to command more bang for our Buck spend and our innovative approach placed us on the short list for the Cross Media and Innovation categories. Our creative and strategic partner BigBrave was rated 62 on global list for Top Digital/Specialist while Red Cherry Interactive was rated 29th on global list for Top Media Agencies – Global 2018.”
Tru-Cape Managing Director Roelf Pienaar says that 18 years down the line the company continues to meet its goals: “Tru-Cape fruit earns an increased premium when compared against the commodity price and that is because of our single-minded commitment to improvement, innovation and commitment to quality.” Pienaar ends.
Tru-Cape has recently released a companion game to Fruit-Full. Tru-Sort is a hyper-casual game which will be enjoyed by people who love Candy Crush and similar games. It is available free of charge from Google store by clicking here and also on ios by clicking here.

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Tru-Cape markets a wide range of apple and pear varietals. We constantly look at expanding our range, and have included fruit and vegetables, like cherries and potatoes, to offer greater value to our growing shareholders.