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Two-a-Day wins the Tru-Cape Packhouse Challenge Trophy

It was twice as nice for Team Two-a-Day who took the Tru-Cape Packhouse Trophy in the 8th Tru-Cape Packhouse Challenge held at the Grabouw Country Club, Saturday, August 26.

Knocking Kromco off their long-time winning streak, Two-a-Day scored 5487 in the collective kilometres ran while previous winners Kromco scored 4488. APL came third with 729 while Ceres Fruit Growers and Dennegeur followed with 257 and  256 respectively.

Fruitways scored 180, PPECB 126 and Tru-Cape 15.

A fun day was had by all. Two-a-Day champion runner Akhona Mdaka won both the 21.5km and 10km medals.

This was the biggest ever field for the Tru-Cape Packhouse Challenge.

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