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Tru-Cape makes apple and pear soft toys available to purchase

Previously only available as competition prizes, Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, the largest exporter of South African apples and pears, into more than 104 countries, has announced that their range of collectible Tru-Cape Kidz soft toys are now available to purchase on-line and from Tru-Cape’s Somerset West and City Deep premises.

Marketing Director, Conrad Fick explains the move: “The Tru-Cape Kidz characters are always a hit when they appear at events and at in-store promotions and the appeal of Danny Smith, Perry Packham, Fiona Forelle and the others is now proven so we decided to convert the characters into toys. Following their demand as prizes, they are now also available for sale,” he says.

Topsy Red.

Topsy Red.

As apples and pears are a recognised part of a daily healthy diet and easily portable nutrient-rich snacks, Tru-Cape’s goal is to educate future consumers about the different fruit varieties such as Topsy Red and Dino Delicious for Top Red and Golden Delicious varieties. 

Tru-Cape Kidz are available at R85 including VAT. Delivery is via courier and the cost depends on location. 

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