Fruit Nutrition

Apple and Pear facts
  • Apples and pears boost your body and mind. All Tru-Cape apples and pears are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. They contain the minerals iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulphur, as well as fibres and pectin.
  • Apples and pears are fibre-rich and aid digestion.
  • Apples and pears boost your immune system, promote vitality and give you a fantastic sense of well being!
  • Apples and pears help keep you lean as they contain virtually no fat! Fast fruit that’s 100% guilt-free!
  • Apples and pears make slimming easy. Eat an apple half an hour before a meal and you’ll feel half as hungry as you normally would, thanks to the fruit’s high fibre content!
  • Apples and pears improve your future. Make apples and pears part of your daily diet to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancers, such as colon cancer.
  • Apples and pears delight your taste-buds. Superior quality apples and pears offer a range of fine aromas, flavours and textures. They make superb snacks and are excellent for baking and cooking. Enjoy them solo or combine them with cheeses, nuts and cold meats. Pure guiltless pleasure!
Do yourself a favour
The evidence is starting to add up. Eating fruit is one of the kindest things you can do for your body. Encourage your family to eat the daily recommended amount of fruit to boost their health!In a report posted on the official website of CANSA Professor Walter Willet confirms that diet plays a role in up to 35% of all cancers and that fruit plays a major role in cancer prevention. “The majority of evidence accrued over the last two decades suggests that many factors in the diet can actually have anti-carcinogenic effects. The primary source of these factors appears to be fruits and vegetables.” There is growing proof that the potent antioxidants found in apples are particularly successful at scavenging the free radicals that play a role in the growth of cancer cells. But that’s not all. Scientific research also indicates that apples (and pears too) are particularly rich in a range of other health-boosting compounds.The nutrients found in apples and pears help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and may reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The high fibre, low fat content of apples and pears also promotes good digestion and weight control. And the list of benefits of these fruits continues to grow. Researchers at Cornell University in New York, for example, have suggested that apples can help fight the neurodegenerative Alzheimer’s disease. Quercetin, a potent antioxidant abundant in apples (and particularly apple peels), appears to protect brain cells against oxidative stress, a tissue-damaging process associated with Alzheimer’s.In short, apples and pears pack a powerful punch of nutrients that help you fight disease, slow down the aging process and boost your vitality. Do yourself and your family a favour – increase your intake of this takeaway from nature.
Quality Counts
Research has also confirmed that not all fruits are equal! There’s no doubt that superior quality fruit delivers optimal nutritional benefits. Through a highly sophisticated and stringent quality control system, Tru-Cape ensures the quality of our fruit is of the highest possible standard. Our commitment to freshness and quality begins in the orchard and continues unabated until you bite into that juicy apple or pear! Every stage of the process demonstrates our dedication to superior fruit. From environmentally sustainable farming practices to stringent selection, ideal storage conditions and carefully monitored delivery procedures, Tru-Cape ensures that its fruit reaches you brimming with nourishing goodness and delightful flavour.
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Tru-Cape markets a wide range of apple and pear varietals. We constantly look at expanding our range, and have included fruit and vegetables, like cherries and potatoes, to offer greater value to our growing shareholders.