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Fruit-Full game continues to grow

Usage figures for Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing’s branded educational game where players engage with the fruit growth, processing and sales, Fruit-Full, showed a 304.81% increase in active game players. There are over 4000 users of the game. Although audience profile figures suggest a 39% bias in favour of females aged between 34 and 44, Tru-Cape believes these are mothers allowing their children to play on their device.

“This is the best possible recommendation we can hope for”, says Tru-Cape’s Marketing Director and the driving force behind the game, Conrad Fick. “Tru-Cape’s primary target market is mothers in that age bracket and to know that they are sufficiently impressed by the entertainment and educational value of our game to let their children play it, speaks volumes.”

Although Tru-Cape admits that the game, launched in September last year, has had bugs and other teething issues, developers BigBrave have updated and improved and the game. Managing director Brett Lindsay explains:

“The major update is the same game but in a much better and more stable format. This means that the  game experience is improved while also allowing for the future plans. A whole new version of the game is being developed and is expected in the next months. These planned improvements are aimed at retaining current players by offering new features and updates as well as part of plan to attract new players.” Lindsay also adds that under the hood improvements include greater stability which will mean fewer crashes. Lindsay explains the thinking behind the development: “BIGBrave was approached to create a digital game for the Tru-Cape brand by Red Cherry Interactive, Tru-Cape’s full-service agency.  We knew very little about the process of fruit production in the Cape which was, after all, the point for Tru-Cape: people did not know enough about fruit production to be able appreciate the real value in the product.

“Tru-Cape really had three main goals, firstly, they wanted to drive sales by creating a unique and innovative platform to reach their audience and educate them on the highly advanced fruit production process. Secondly, they wanted to get to know their market,” he says.

Lindsay explains that in order to better understand the Tru-Cape process, the team from BIGBrave visited an active fruit farm in Grabouw. “Our two day visit allowed us to experience the farming process up close which provided us with a much deeper understanding of what needed to be reflected in the final product we developed. We learned about the preparation, planting, growing, harvesting, transporting, cleaning, sorting, packing and distribution of the fruit. We learned how Tru-Cape manages to get quality apples and pears not only to the South African market but also to the vast global market in over 104 countries to which Tru- Cape distributes fruit”, he says adding: “At BIGBrave we have a philosophy around Engaging Content in that it must Entertain, Inform and Empower. With this in mind, we considered many different types of gameplay options. The idea of the Fruit-Full game came from in-depth research around current game styles available online today. We researched games like FarmVille, Township, SimCity and worked towards creating a game that would answer the Engaging Content Philosophy.

“It was important that users of the game were not only engaged in playing the game, but that they also engaged with the Tru-Cape brand. We did this through a competition that was run country- wide which was purposefully structured around incentivising users to play the game and work their way through the full Tru-Cape cycle from planting to selling the fruit.

“This had a dual-benefit for Tru-Cape in that players were being educated about the care and time it takes at every point of the production cycle of the Tru-Cape business while also building interest around the game and the Tru-Cape brand.”

According to Lindsay, a second strategy was implemented to incentivise the engaged audience to purchase a Tru-Cape product in-store and to use the barcode on the packaging to redeem “Sun Points” – a valuable in-game commodity which also met one of the company’s business imperatives: driving the sales of South African apples and pears.

Fick says that for Tru-Cape this game amplifies the company’s efforts to grab the attention of young minds away from junk food and confectionary brands, all with far greater marketing spend, towards apples and pears as a natural product that is a healthy snack and recommended part of the daily diet. “We have already had success with our Tru-Cape Kidz characters Danny Smith, Topsy Red, Perry Packham etc, the range of soft toys, collectable miniatures and the mascots that always cause great excitement at Tru-Cape events and in-store, that this game cements our communications strategy aimed at tomorrow’s apple and pear purchasers.”

Tru-Cape Managing Director, Roelf Pienaar says that as a business that used technology to better manage its processes and which had among its growers some of the youngest and most innovative in the country, that finding a technology solution to continuing the engagement with the Tru-Cape brand was something the company could get behind. “Apart from driving sales which is fundamental to any business, we especially liked that this game educated users about the vagaries of agriculture which we believe will help consumers better understand that the factory that produces apples and pears is without a roof. Despite our best efforts, nature will always have the final say.”

Fruit-Full is free to download from iTunes and Android stores.


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